Hi guys, how are you, I hope everything be Ok, this is rezaariarad with new thing, its part one of Useful TelephoneConversations Expressions in English. Listen again and again and enjoy.

Answering the Phone At Home:

A· Hello?

B· Hello, Ariarad residence.

A· Hello, Ahmad Mohammadi speaking.

B· Ahmad Mohammadi.

A· Yeah! (Informal)

Answering the Phone in the Office:

A· Pars Corporation. May I help you?

A. Ahmad Mohammadi speaking. May I help you?

A· Personnel Department. How may I help you?

Asking a Caller Who She/he Wants to Talk to:

A· who do you want to talk to?

A· who would you like to talk to?

A· who do you wish to speak to?

Asking a Caller to identify Him/Herself:

A· May I ask who's calling, please?

A· who shall I say is calling?

A· who's calling, please?

A· Who's calling? (Informal)

A· who is it? (Informal)

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